SHKR (shā-kər) is a creative and production studio for brand communications and broadcast.

We're storytellers that love "doing".

Getting to the idea is only part of the job for us. It doesn't matter if it's advertising, a tv show, content for social or developing products and services.We love getting involved in as many parts of our projects as we can. Even in the business model.

Collaboration and empowerment.

"None of us is as smart as all of us." This is our adopted motto from Ken Blanchard. We'll take your brief and come back with the work, but we prefer to have you aboard for as much of the process as you can.We also believe some services, like social media management and production, should be internalized by our clients. For those that choose that path, we help train and recruit teams for content production, creative services, strategy and project management.

You can find us near the beach.

Our office and studio are conveniently located in sunny Portugal. It's a twenty-minute drive from Lisbon. And from the office to the beach it won't take you more than five minutes.